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Alluvial Diamond dredgers


  • Pontoons are manufactured from extra heavy duty imported German inflatable boat material
  • Every pontoon has 4x inflating valves & 4x safety pressure release valves
  • i.e 12 air tight compartments per raft/dredger
  • Every pontoon has tough 3mm thick PVC armour layer on bottom
  • Every pontoon has tough 1,5mm thick PVC armour layer on top
  • Pontoons have tethering D-Rings to tie deck to pontoons
  • Delivered deflated in a crate
  • Use as vehicle ponts in remote Africa, to cross deep rivers
  • To use a towing barge to ferry supplies to remote locations

2x long outer pontoons

1x shorter middle pontoon


Different designs

Inflating solutions

Crated for shipping

± 350 kg crated

Order for alluvial diamond company in remote Africa

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